Mum's Night Out Holiday Celebration

Fri, 11/15/2019 - 11:13am

Calling all Mums! 

Due to the upcoming holidays we have made some changes to Mum's Night Out. There will not be one for November, and the holiday celebration will now take place on Thursday, December 12th at 7pm. 

We will be going to Facci.  As there are two locations YOU get to vote which location you prefer:   

Turf Valley, Ellicott City


Maple Lawn, Laurel. 

Please email me at to let me know which location you prefer by Thursday November 21st and will then let you know which location gets the most votes.  I will book for us in hopes that it will be a larger group attending due to the holidays. 

We will also be doing a gift exchange for those that would like to participate.  In past years we have tried to keep the gifts to the $15 range.  PLEASE remember no pressure as it is just something we do for the holiday season. 

Hope to see some of your next month. 

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